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LK Global Inc has a strong track record of working with customers to ensure their upgrades are successful, on time and in budget. As an experienced provider of upgrade services, LK Global inc helps you review your existing deployment, look for opportunities to streamline functionality and enhance system performance as part of the upgrade process.

If you are considering an Ariba upgrade to 9r1, LK global Inc is an indispensible partner in this decision framework

  • Ariba® Programming Solutions: AML, AWL, Javascript, e-Form
  • Ariba Category Management
  • Template Conditions & Maintenance, Clause Library
  • Legacy Contract Migration
  • Analysis – Facts, Dimensions, AQL
  • Ariba Implementations & Upgrades
  • Pre-built portfolio of add-on products
  • Upfront & Holdback payment
  • Portlet Solutions
  • Rapid Ariba Contract Compliance, ACP & Collaborative Contract Invoice
  • Ariba Sourcing Implementation, Supplier & Auction Enablement
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